Currently Loving: PODCASTS

I once heard someone talk about, “binge listening” to a podcast series and I honestly thought that was weird. Who binges on podcasts? What do you do while you listen? Just sit there? Clearly, as you can tell by the title of this post, I was mistaken. I am OBSESSED. I now know what it feels like to find a new podcast channel you love and go allll the way back to the beginning and … Continue reading “Currently Loving: PODCASTS”

Two Ways to Add 20 Hours of Productivity to Your Week

How do you add an extra 2 to 4 hours into your already busy days to be productive and invest in your side hustle? It’s simple:  quit Netflix and Instagram. Wait, that easy? No, actually. It was quite challenging. You see, as I’m sure you’re familiar with, our society is structured in such a way to feed us information as quickly as possible for as many hours throughout our entire day. Isn’t that why the … Continue reading “Two Ways to Add 20 Hours of Productivity to Your Week”

Join Me

For many years I have loved and followed several blogs. I’ve boasted on more than one occasion to my friends, “I would LOVE to do that!” Last year I took a major leap of faith and invested in my first website. I spent hours creating and designing my layout and planning out my content.  Bet then I got stuck. It was a combination of events. One major and obvious event was my second pregnancy, which … Continue reading “Join Me”