My Top Oils for Pregnancy

I’ve been through 2 pregnancies now from beginning to end with the added help and benefits of essential oils. And let me tell you, I was SO grateful for them each pregnancy! I’ve put together a list of products I used and loved to share with you in hopes of providing solutions to common pregnancy experiences. Go ahead and save this post for a future pregnancy, send to your BFF, or keep reading if you’re … Continue reading “My Top Oils for Pregnancy”

Join Me

For many years I have loved and followed several blogs. I’ve boasted on more than one occasion to my friends, “I would LOVE to do that!” Last year I took a major leap of faith and invested in my first website. I spent hours creating and designing my layout and planning out my content.  Bet then I got stuck. It was a combination of events. One major and obvious event was my second pregnancy, which … Continue reading “Join Me”

Life Update

So. Many. Words. I don’t think a single post is enough to update you on the ever eventful details of what has become of the Pierre household. Seriously. The good; the bad. The beautiful; the ugly. But overarching all of life’s challenges are SO many good, beautiful, monumental, “I-never-want-to-forget-this” moments. So let’s begin there 🙂 Asland started walking like an absolute pro a few weeks ago! He will do laps around the living room all. … Continue reading “Life Update”