The year came and went, as many of its predecessors, SO fast. I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around all that’s gone down in only the last 12 months and I’m truly at a loss for words. Lots of good, lots of learning, lot’s a growth. When the year started I was inspired to pick a word for the year, something I had never done before. I wrote it down in January in a random journal and thought about what it would mean to embrace it in every area of my life. 


It’s something I’ve had a hard time grasping. I start a lot of projects or dream a lot of dreams, but something at some point happens that throws me off course and I take it as a, “Okay, maybe this isn’t for me” or “This is not going to be the best time” only to never pick it up again, whatever it was I was working on. This was especially true of my health and lack of consistency in working out and moving my body in any capacity. Unfortunately, this isn’t a post on how to become consistent. But more on that later with some book recommendations that have helped me cultivate this discipline in my life! 

However, I’ve been reflecting on the impact consistency has had on my life. It’s created a space of integrity and self-efficacy in my day-to-day living as well as my most intimate relationships. It’s also shifted my perspective towards grace. So often I’d beat myself up for not “sticking to the plan” or whatever. This year was different. As I worked towards my efforts in being consistent life often happened (Hello, two babies under two will NOT be predictable little humans LOL) and I’d simply give myself grace and pick it back up the next day. I never looked for Monday or the next month to begin again.

Here was my greatest takeaway from this experience:  doing the right thing is never the easiest option. In my experience, if something is too easy, it’s not the right decision. Laziness, indulgence, lack of discipline, procrastination, etc…. all easy. Proactiveness, meal planning, waking up early to exercise, tackling the never-ending to-do list… all require intentional effort that is not easy at first. But over time, with CONSISTENCY, I learned how to incorporate things that were important to myself and my family into our daily lives. And after the initial shock, these new habits were formed and I began to experience the benefits of being consistent in big things like moving my body every day, or the little things like brushing my teeth before bed. Big or small, all are important 🙂 

I’m curious if you have picked a word for 2020? What was your word for 2019? I have a few I’ll be reflecting on for the next few weeks and maybe share later!

I am wishing you the HAPPIEST of new years! 

With love, 

Ana M. Pierre

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