Most Necessary Essential Oil Accessories

Whether you’re new to essential oils or you’ve been in the game for a hot minute, this post is for you! There is so much power and wealth in each drop of your dōTERRA essential oil bottle but having the right accessories to use them will make it more convenient and practical. That’s why I decided to put together this quick list for you! Reference Guide: It’s OK to not know it all. I certainly don’t! … Continue reading “Most Necessary Essential Oil Accessories”

Life Update

So. Many. Words. I don’t think a single post is enough to update you on the ever eventful details of what has become of the Pierre household. Seriously. The good; the bad. The beautiful; the ugly. But overarching all of life’s challenges are SO many good, beautiful, monumental, “I-never-want-to-forget-this” moments. So let’s begin there 🙂 Asland started walking like an absolute pro a few weeks ago! He will do laps around the living room all. … Continue reading “Life Update”

DIY Yarn Hanging

Happy Sunday, everyone! This summer proved to be a bit busier than anticipated, but I’m happy to say you will be seeing lots more around here in the coming months! Do you have any topics in particular you would like to read about? Shoot me a message or leave it in the comments below. I’m looking forward to sharing more soon. If you’ve ever been to our home, chances are you’ve asked me where I … Continue reading “DIY Yarn Hanging”


Hi! Welcome to the official launch of my blog, Life à la Pierre! This blog has been a long time coming, and I am so thrilled to finally share it with you all. Take a look around the website and you’ll find fun facts about my little family as well as essential oils! As I welcomed my first baby boy into the world six months ago, I quickly realized this was going to be a … Continue reading “Welcome!”