So. Many. Words.

I don’t think a single post is enough to update you on the ever eventful details of what has become of the Pierre household. Seriously. The good; the bad. The beautiful; the ugly.

But overarching all of life’s challenges are SO many good, beautiful, monumental, “I-never-want-to-forget-this” moments. So let’s begin there 🙂

Asland started walking like an absolute pro a few weeks ago! He will do laps around the living room all. day. long. His favorite person is still his daddy. He loves to dance in the bathroom to Drake blaring from the speaker. This is how we keep him in eyesight and from getting into things he’s not supposed to while we get ready for the day. He is talking up a storm from the moment he wakes up right up to laying him back in his crib at night (did he get that from me?). He loves to use his hands when he talks and if you’re talking too much he will just talk louder until you stop talking and listen to him. Everyday it seems he is learning something new or mastering a new skill. It is seriously the best and the worst all at the same time. I wish we could freeze time and enjoy it for just a little longer! The days really do go by too fast.

Pierre Baby #2 is on the way! I am just entering my third trimester and really soaking in every little baby kick and back-ache. This pregnancy has been so different with a little one to chase around all day. During my pregnancy with Asland I worked a 9-5 job, constantly checking my bump app, sending updates to all my sisters and girlfriends with what size fruit the baby was, and totally obsessing over every mama’s blog I could find. This time around I constantly forget how many weeks pregnant I am, sometimes I will go all month without opening my bump app. I’m not as interested in the size of the hypothetical fruit inside of me as I am of the actual size fruit my child is currently trying to eat. However, I will say this is one ACTIVE baby inside of me, already trying to keep up with his big brother! I cannot go an hour without feeling a massive kick and nudge from little man reminding me of his growing little body. In those moments my heart completely melts and I can’t wait for all the fun they’ll have growing up together.

Stay tuned for more updates and fun stuff coming your way very soon!

With Love,

Ana M. Pierre

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