For many years I have loved and followed several blogs. I’ve boasted on more than one occasion to my friends, “I would LOVE to do that!” Last year I took a major leap of faith and invested in my first website. I spent hours creating and designing my layout and planning out my content. 

Bet then I got stuck.

It was a combination of events. One major and obvious event was my second pregnancy, which unexpectedly happened just a few short weeks after my initial website launch!

So while I’ve sat on this site for quite some time, with a deep desire to share with whoever is willing to listen (because my sisters don’t have enough time to read my essay texts and Marc works long hours so I need another venue to share LOL) I want to preface all future content and creations I have planned with this statement:  I want you to join me. I can’t call myself an expert in any way shape or form. Although I believe that is what we naturally look for, an expert in a particular field because they will know what is best. 

I’m not an expert. But I am someone who has been putting in a lot of hard work into becoming better. I am a wife, a mother, business owner, partner, friend, daughter, sister, homemaker, writer, lover… who is learning

I am learning. As I learn, I want to share in hopes that you too will feel encouraged and empowered to make positive changes in your life whether it be spiritually, physically, or emotionally. So, join me! Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be reminded that you are not alone in your struggles and YOU CAN DO IT TOO. The execution may look different for everyone, but the end goal is similar:  to be our best selves for the ones we love most! 

With love, 

Ana M. Pierre

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