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This summer proved to be a bit busier than anticipated, but I’m happy to say you will be seeing lots more around here in the coming months! Do you have any topics in particular you would like to read about? Shoot me a message or leave it in the comments below. I’m looking forward to sharing more soon.

If you’ve ever been to our home, chances are you’ve asked me where I purchased the yarn hanging in Asland’s nursery. Everyone always seems shocked or impressed when I mention I made it just for him! It’s an easy piece that adds texture and color to a room without any complicated steps. I made a new yarn hanging for our bedroom and wanted to give you guys a quick tutorial so you can create your own!


Step 1 – Material

You’ll need the following:

  • Rod or a tree branch
  • Varying colored yarn
  • Scissors

Step 2 – Measure and Cut Yarn

Determine the length you want and double it. Don’t worry about the final shape of the yarn hanging at this time. Once all the yarn has been hung on the rod and it’s on the wall, you will be able to cut to your desired shape.

Step 3 – Loop the Yarn

Run the yarn through the looped end around the rod. Pull the yarn endings until the loop is closed and the yarn is secure. Now here is where your creativity comes in. You can color block, interchange colors, add braids and beads, even different textured yarn!

Pro tip:  check the clearance aisle at your local craft store for even better prices on discounted yarn!

Step 4 – Hang and Cut

There you have it! Once it’s up on the wall you can customize the finished look. You can leave it fringed, cut straight across like I did, or create a pointed angle. If you create your own yarn hanging send me a picture so I can see!


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Ana M. Pierre


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