Top 5 Tips to Start Exercising Consistently

It’s a new year, new you? Technically, new year… same you. So since it’s the same you, what’s changed besides the new year? When we want to see a change in our life, we’ve got to be proactive about how we’re gonna make that change happen. I’m going to give you my top 5 tips to get you moving in the gym (or wherever) consistently. I’m talking about lifestyle change here. If this resonates with … Continue reading “Top 5 Tips to Start Exercising Consistently”

3 Excuses to Let Go of in 2020

First, let me start by saying this is more of a reminder for myself than anything else. I struggled for many years with inconsistency. The day I realized these excuses were coming from a place of fear was the day I started to experience life in an entirely different way. I was in control of how I spent my time. I decided how many hours of sleep I got (not during the newborn season of … Continue reading “3 Excuses to Let Go of in 2020”

Reminiscing On 2019

The year came and went, as many of its predecessors, SO fast. I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around all that’s gone down in only the last 12 months and I’m truly at a loss for words. Lots of good, lots of learning, lot’s a growth. When the year started I was inspired to pick a word for the year, something I had never done before. I wrote it down in January in a … Continue reading “Reminiscing On 2019”

Currently Loving: READS

I should join a bookclub. I’ve never been to one before. Do you get to just talk about all the things you loved about a book and share in the same enjoyment of reading it cover to cover in one shot? I need these people in my life. The only problem is I read way too many books at once, ranging from romance, finance, all the way to women’s reproductive system. If you can relate… … Continue reading “Currently Loving: READS”

Top Ten Essential Oils

It’s no surprise we love our oils around here. When I ordered my first kit of essential oils the biggest challenge I faced was having NO CLUE how to use any of them. I mean, I had an idea. But still, clueless. So in hopes of helping you have a better start, I’ve put together a quick reference guide that you can pin and come back to frequently. Each oil will have a quick description … Continue reading “Top Ten Essential Oils”

How to Succeed at Home Workouts with Kids

When my firstborn was fresh out of the womb and I had been cleared to return to pre-delivery activities, the biggest challenge I faced was just doing it. I put on my workout gear, fed my babe, placed him in his swing and got my 30 minutes of exercise plus a shower completed just in time for his next feed. As he got older his needs changed and home workouts were not as easy to … Continue reading “How to Succeed at Home Workouts with Kids”

Currently Loving: PODCASTS

I once heard someone talk about, “binge listening” to a podcast series and I honestly thought that was weird. Who binges on podcasts? What do you do while you listen? Just sit there? Clearly, as you can tell by the title of this post, I was mistaken. I am OBSESSED. I now know what it feels like to find a new podcast channel you love and go allll the way back to the beginning and … Continue reading “Currently Loving: PODCASTS”

My Top Oils for Pregnancy

I’ve been through 2 pregnancies now from beginning to end with the added help and benefits of essential oils. And let me tell you, I was SO grateful for them each pregnancy! I’ve put together a list of products I used and loved to share with you in hopes of providing solutions to common pregnancy experiences. Go ahead and save this post for a future pregnancy, send to your BFF, or keep reading if you’re … Continue reading “My Top Oils for Pregnancy”

Two Ways to Add 20 Hours of Productivity to Your Week

How do you add an extra 2 to 4 hours into your already busy days to be productive and invest in your side hustle? It’s simple:  quit Netflix and Instagram. Wait, that easy? No, actually. It was quite challenging. You see, as I’m sure you’re familiar with, our society is structured in such a way to feed us information as quickly as possible for as many hours throughout our entire day. Isn’t that why the … Continue reading “Two Ways to Add 20 Hours of Productivity to Your Week”

Join Me

For many years I have loved and followed several blogs. I’ve boasted on more than one occasion to my friends, “I would LOVE to do that!” Last year I took a major leap of faith and invested in my first website. I spent hours creating and designing my layout and planning out my content.  Bet then I got stuck. It was a combination of events. One major and obvious event was my second pregnancy, which … Continue reading “Join Me”